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Performance TV, the brainchild of racing professionals, will endeavor to “dial it in” each week, taking torque and peak performance to unheard of heights.  In the drivers’ seat are hosts Tommy Johnson Jr., former NHRA champion, and Kathy Fisher, IHRA and NHRA sportsman champion.  Each week Tommy and Kathy feature the top innovators in the industry and from everyday drivers to street rods to race cars, they show the audience how to crank up and improve their performance!
Sunday’s 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT Tuesday’s 5:00 PM ET / 2:00 PM PT Additional Airing - Network Choice
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Congrats to The Fisher House Project Bike Owner! Net proceeds from the sale of the accessories Kathy & Tommy added to the bike on Performance TV went to the folks at Fisher House Foundation! Thank you to all who were involved in making this project a success! ~Black Wolf Harley-Davidson ~Brian Gawne - Vice President for Operations, Fisher House Foundation ~Kuryakyn (From Comfort, LED Lighting, Saddlebad Extensions, Air             Cleaner/Exhaust Kit, and many accessories) ~Arnott Air Suspension Products (Chrome Aldan Kit) ~Perf-Form Motorcycle Oil Filter ~Ridewright Wheels (Fat Daddy Tubeless) ~Metzeler Tires ~Pirelli ~ZMAX ~Ultracool Fan Assisted Oil Coolers ~Bushtec Trike & Motorcycle Hitch ~Kicker (Klock Werk’s Powered by Kicker Kit) ~Garmin (The Garmin “ZUMO 350”) ~Mustang Seats (Tripper Seat System).
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